Hifyre Retail Platform.
Cannabis consumer engagement, in-shop & online.

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Hifyre is a digital cannabis retail platform designed to deliver the most connected, omni-channel experience in Cannabis retail.

From in-store promotional boards to personalized customer facing mobile engagements, we have created a ‘shop network’ that is connected and agile.

We leverage our system depth to enable real-time data analysis, live experimentation and targeted communications, giving the store owner the power and optimization of data driven commerce across their entire retail network.

Available Platform Components

Active Data™

Put the power of data directly in the hands of your business managers, partners and store associates.


Deliver easy-to-use, personalized online shopping experiences such as same day delivery and Click & Collect.


Deploy Menu Boards with live to the second inventory, or schedule and measure effectiveness of digital display marketing in-store.


Give your customers the power to search, create and purchase their favourite products from your self-managed checkout centres.


Create brand enthusiast by offering your customer the VIP mobile service, from Click & Collect to Augmented Reality enhanced product discovery.


Give your customers a personalized shopping experience. Empower your staff to help customers find the products they love, through the power of data.

Fire & Flower logo

Leveraging the complete suite of Hifyre Platform products, Fire & Flower’s Canadian retail stores deliver the industry best customer experience. Their omni-channel approach allows them to test marketing, track sales and product availability in real-time. They leverage the power of data to create a personalize customer experience, and keep their suppliers up-to-date on the latest trends in the market.