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The cannabis industries most advanced retail sales platform, leveraging data to deliver personalized, effective, consumer & partner engagements.

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Hifyre IQ™ – The cannabis industry's most complete real-time sales data analysis platform

Hifyre IQ™ is the industry's leading real-time sales data analysis platform. Our live sales data, customer demographics and market trend analysis will help your team identify opportunities. We help you understand the products that are performing, trends on product categories and an advanced prediction engine to estimate major market moves.

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Hifyre ONE™ – Industry leading data-driven retail software, that personalizes customer experience and optimizes business operations.

Hifyre ONE™ is the industry leading in-shop and online digital toolset for North American cannabis dispensaries. Powered by data, our tools such as e-commerce, click-and-collect, in-store menus and kiosk apps provide customers with a personalized shopping experience. Hifyre ONE™ leads to better customer engagement, higher sales and more informed operations.

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Hifyre SPARK™ – Retail cannabis' largest member program and most personalized loyalty management software.

Hifyre SPARK™ is Canada's largest cannabis members program, where members enjoy exclusive perks, events and discounts*. SPARK helps personalize the connection and communication with customers. Today, the SPARK program has more than 100,000 members that provides an unprecedented view of detailed understanding of consumer behaviours and preferences.

*Excludes British Columbia & Yukon

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