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Active Data™

ERP Lite

The ERP Lite will include connectors to most popular accounting and business management software packages such as Quickbooks, Simply Accounting and more. Some basic reporting will come directly out of our system.


Keeping up with government reporting regulations can be difficult. Our pre-built reports will make managing your submission easier and more accurate.

Inventory Management

Easily manage your inventory right in your POS. Use the data platform to create predictive inventory management, look at trends and have the right product in the right place

Data Dashboard

Visualize the important data you need to run your business. Our data dashboard gives you access to real-time analysis across your entire business network.

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Direct Commerce


Let your customers shop where they want. Hifyre’s robust e-commerce solution is built to manage multiple regulatory environments, multi-shop and location based inventory.


Manage both your in-store and online payments through our simple integration with our partner Mercco. Merrco is a secure payment solution with fully customizable compliance controls. Cannabis payments meets government compliance.

Same-day Delivery

We have teamed up with Pineapple Express Delivery to ensure your order gets to you quickly and discreetly. With over 10 years of experience in the business of on demand delivery, Pineapple Express understands that cannabis delivery must be taken seriously.


Our customer support portal will help you manage all of your customer requests in an easy-to-use portal. Let your clients connect with you where and when they need to.

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Customer Relationship Management

Build great customer profiles and help personalize your engagement strategies. Create a customer journey that builds a more loyal and valuable customer.

Promotions CMS

Use the promotions manager to distribute, schedule and measure your marketing messages across your entire omni-channel network. This includes, in-store screens, tablets, mobile app & website.


Celebrate your regular customers with our proprietary rewards platform. A custom program developed around great content, exciting rewards and a connected community.

Content CMS

Custom publish content like blogs, news, educational materials across your entire network from one easy to manage cloud based source.

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Live Retail


Whether it's opening day or scaling for multiple locations, our POS is here to support your cannabis retail operations. It’s built to make complex operations simple, streamline your workflows, and grow your empire.


Allow your customers to search your in-store product catalogue, shop an endless aisle or see featured product. Our kiosks let your customers create accounts and self-serve orders.


Give your customers a personalized shopping experience. Get to know them and the products that are right for them by putting the power of data into the hands of your team on the shop floor.

Menu Boards

Display your product catalogue in a clean well organized manner. Show only the products you have currently available with live synced inventory.

Promotional Displays

Create your own advertising network. Promote the right products at the right time with our smart display boards. Choose passive, or touch interactive displays with HTML5 based publishing.

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Customer Connect

Mobile App

Let your customers shop, manage orders, and collect their reward points all on their mobile phones. This also contains pre-paid gift cards and Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality

Connect and track your customer interactions in and around the store with immersive Augmented Reality engagements such as ratings, recommendations and more.

Transactional Emails

Send the right email interaction at the right time to engage your customers. Throughout their shopping experience, we look to connect and gain valuable information on our customer base.

Push Notifications

Push the right message at the right time to your customers' mobile phone when they have the app installed. Notifications can be triggered by time & location, creating engagements that will help you build customer loyalty.

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Leveraging the complete suite of Hifyre Platform products, Fire & Flower’s Canadian retail stores deliver an industry leading customer experience. Their omni-channel approach allows them to test marketing, track sales and product availability in real-time. They leverage the power of data to create a personalized customer experience, and keep their suppliers up-to-date on the latest trends in the market.